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Gas Continuous Flow

24 Hr Plumbing Service

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Gas Continuous Flow

Perth’s Pride Plumbing is WA’s leading plumbing services team for residential and commercial clients.

For over 25 years we have been providing continuous flow gas solutions for our loyal commercial and residential customers.

Our highly experienced and qualified team of specialists can install, maintain and repair your continuous gas flow system and ensure that your property receives the right advise to access hot water reliably at the lowest cost.

Gas continuous flow hot water systems do not have a tank, and provide unlimited volumes of hot water from a relatively small appliance and it only burns when hot water is required – onDemand.

Therefore, a continuous flow hot water system never runs out of water and great for high volume usage or low volumes, resulting in energy and cost savings.  Additionally, the water can be cleaner as there are no rust or contaminants from a tank and can reduce emissions by as much as 75%.

Our pride on a prompt service with exceptional value, whilst providing excellent communication with our dedicated customer support team, we ensure you have a great experience every-time.

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