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Sewer Pipes

24 Hr Plumbing Service 

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Sewer Pipes

Perth’s Pride Plumbing is WA’s leading plumbing services team for residential and commercial clients.

For over 25 years we have been installing, maintaining and repairing sewer pipes for our loyal commercial and residential customers.

Our highly experienced and qualified team of specialists will ensure that your sewer pipes are unblock, clean and flowing to ensure they are operational and not causing health risks.

Often sewer pipes can become blocked with grease, hair, fats and food over time creating a problem.  The main types of pipes are made of PVC and in older houses, Earthenware.  Earthenware are prone to cracking and breaking which then allows roots from trees which destroys the operation of your sewer system.

We can respond and resolve your blockages reasonably quickly using state of the art detection equipment, but we will always advise on the appropriate action to ensure a comprehensive job and long-term remedy.

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